Enjoying the Little Things (some quarantine thoughts)

I had so many blog posts planned for the upcoming semester - recaps from going to Peru, my experience in a group tour, more reflections on my time in Edinburgh (because I can't go more than a few weeks without mentioning it, right?). However, it's hard to think about writing about travel-themed topics during such … Continue reading Enjoying the Little Things (some quarantine thoughts)

5 Ways to Experience Peru

A long overdue blog post about my winter break trip to Peru! Stay tuned for more posts about my group trip to Peru and my first-ever trip to South America. There's so much to do in Peru besides visiting Machu Picchu! After spending a week traveling around some of the popular destinations in Peru with … Continue reading 5 Ways to Experience Peru

How To Explore Edinburgh For Free

Edinburgh, Scotland, is a vibrant city filled with a variety of museums, towering monuments, majestic viewpoints, and bustling nightlife. In many situations, traveling to a city with so much to do would leave a dent in one’s pocket. However, Edinburgh is a highly affordable city that is perfect for money-minded travelers. A trip to Edinburgh … Continue reading How To Explore Edinburgh For Free